Tuesday, October 04, 2005

whatever tara reid can do, i can do better!

all's I'm saying is that if tara reid (betwen keg stands) can get her own tv show i don't see why i can't have my own magazine. so after months of waiting for those steves at conde nast to step up and accept the fact that theyve seen the future, and the future is costello, ig ive you...Stello Magazine!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

you will note

that i spend my time off the leash in a restrained and dignified manner.

I fot the law and the law won.

so yesterday, i was free. for a brief period of time i ran free, through fields of green grass chasing my ball and rubbing up on stuff. also rolling in crap. then. it. happend. i GOT BUSTED. i can't help to be a rbel cuz you know, i ain't no mexi-can't! so, clearly brookline pd don't have anything better to do than give me a ticket for not wearing my leash. b1 almost clocked him, it wzs totally cool. also, he said cus some other dog licked a baby. well, did the baby get a ticket for not wearing a leash. no its not us dogs fault that you stupid moms and dads leave babies on the ground free for licking. now, what if the dog had been one of the ones that i dont like that eat babies. it was only a good friend of mine. he can't even walk down the street hes so shamed. so thats what has been up with me. i will post a picture of me at the park without my leash. i don't care if its wrong. if it's wrong i shure don't want to be right!

shout out to my dogs. we need to find a new place to hang. peep me on dogster!


with cheez. okay folks picture this. cheez, like 8 kinds and then you melt it with 4 hotdogs cut up in it. HOW FRIGGING AWESOME WOLD THAT BE! MAN.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

summer's not so bad

it's hot
that's true but the days are long and the fan breezes across my stomach as i lay in wait for joy. man, o man. sometimes i get popsicles or go to the park. the only thing i don't like about the summer is the heat. in the mornings i run circles around everyone else and stop for a nap. joy comes around eleven or so and we spend some time. next thing you know i'm getting a treat. also, i like to poop in bedrooms.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

top 5 & poems

sorry this took so long, but peeple have been all messing up the order by annoying me. plus i've been poeting. ( www.shaferhall.blogspot.com )

top 5 people i know:
5. lou the landlord.
4. monique (awesome lap)
3. b2. i know she wuz back in the bottom 5, but she's improved due to the mini beef taco
2. adrianna. she only owns my girlfriend for crying out loud.
1. b1. HELLO?!?! was there even a question about that?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

top ten people, not dogs.

so because some people are totally disrespekful i thought that it would be a good time to list my top 10 people, not dogs.

10. John Silano - all i gotz to say is NOT ENOUGH CHICKEN
9. B2 - sorry babe, but you touch me too much
8. Jeff Eaton - pretty much the only person that respeks the costellorulz
7. TIE - Judy & Jeff Corbacho. i mean, you guyz'd totally be up there if you lived here. MORE CHICKEN PLEASE
6. Jeff Friedman - sometimes i wonder how much you "like" boy dogs, but you pretty much are down...


Awwwwww, MAAAAN!

so, i was very excited the otrhr day cuz i herd that there was gonna be a visit form the boyz from brooklyn. but NOOOOO. apparently green beer takes precident over hanging out with me and my Bz and whatever we decide to do because it's totally not cool that they think that i don't mind being totally dissed even tho there is lots of stupid greenbeer here and i even have a gay green sweater that i hate because its not even like being irish is very special anyhow i mean i don't run around telling peo[ple i'm mexican even though it is my heritage i mean i was born on staten island and that is where i am from i mean come on shafer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

oh so i totally forgot about ligers

ligers are awesome they are bigger than even lions and tigers they are real. jeff eaton came to my house and i tried to sleep with him but i just couldnt get into it cuz he snores and picks his butt in the nighttime and i was like totally grossed out so after licking myself clean i totally left to go sleep with my b1 because she doesnt snore or pick buts.


so i totally thought that i should move to the place where its sunny but then i heard dianne sawyer and charlie gibson talk about that that place is falling under water. GAHHHHH! is there no place for a chihuahua to find a comfortable climate except under the covers curled up in a ball but then sometimes thats bad and i dont like it cuz it smells and i get kicked and then this one time i got trapped right neer the but and that was scary and so maybe if i go to spain or to chile that would be good maybe if they would just stop the snow then maybe i would respect them until then i will poop wherever i wantand not even care because its cold out and they saw what can happen to an angry chihuaha.

Monday, February 07, 2005

#$%*&#*^*&$ SNOW!

okay. seriously, now. go away. i want to go out and play with lucy and the other dogs that aren't as handsome as me but some that are pretty and smell good at the park. i want to poop at my tree. i don't like to poop in the hallway or in the bathroom or in B2s bedroom, but i have to.

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